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Dare to Take (Dare to Love Book 6) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 5.0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 137
Kundenrezensionen: 1
Seiten: 175
Autor: Carly Phillips, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: A one night stand. A secret. A mistake they tried to forget.On leave from the army, Tyler Dare was just looking for a little fun, but his sister's best friend is off limits. But unable to deny how sexy and alluring she is, he finds it all too easy to succumb to a night of passion and heat that ends the next morning in the worst way possible.There are just some guys you don't touch--even someone as innocent and inexperienced as Ella Shaw knows that. But when her best friend's brother is up for grabs and willing, she can't resist....

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories (Centaur Classics)

Bewertung: 4.7 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 147
Kundenrezensionen: 198
Seiten: 2
Autor: Arthur Conan Doyle, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: This book contains the complete Sherlock Holmes novels and stories in the chronological order of their original publication (4 novels and 56 short stories):[1887] A Study in Scarlet (a novel)[1890] The Sign of Four (a novel)[1892] The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (a collection of twelve short stories)[1894] The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (a collection of eleven short stories)[1902] The Hound of the Baskervilles (a novel)[1904] The Return of Sherlock Holmes (a collection of thirteen short stories)[1914] The Valley of Fear (a novel)[1917] His Last Blow (a collection of eight short stories)[1927] The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes (a collection of...

The Great Gatsby (English Edition)

Bewertung: 4.2 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 152
Kundenrezensionen: 513
Seiten: 189
Autor: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Beschreibung: This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Rise: a ROCK SOLID romance (English Edition)

Bewertung: 5.0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 191
Kundenrezensionen: 2
Seiten: 340
Autor: Karina Bliss, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: Rise - The redemption story of a rock star going straight(er) through the love of a good(ish) woman.Acclaimed literary biographer Elizabeth Winston writes about long-dead heroes. So bad-boy rock icon Zander Freedman couldn’t possibly tempt her to write his memoir. Except the man is a mass of fascinating contradictions–manipulative, honest, gifted, charismatic and morally ambiguous.In short, everything she seeks in a biography subject. When in her life will she get another chance to work with a living legend? But saying yes to one temptation soon leads to another.Suddenly she’s having heated fantasies about her subject, fantasies this blue-eyed devil is...

Before He Sees (A Mackenzie White Mystery?Book 2) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 223
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 200
Autor: Blake Pierce, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: From Blake Pierce, bestselling author of ONCE GONE (a #1 bestseller with over 600 five star reviews), comes book #2 in a heart-pounding new mystery series.In BEFORE HE SEES (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2), FBI agent-in-training Mackenzie White struggles to make her mark in the FBI Academy in Quantico, trying to prove herself as a woman and as a transplant from Nebraska. Hoping she has what it takes to become an FBI agent and leave her life in the Midwest behind for good, Mackenzie just wants to keep a low profile and impress her superiors.But all that changes when the...

The First Shot (Lieutenant Kane - Dedicated to Death Series Book 1) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 4.0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 265
Kundenrezensionen: 1
Seiten: 228
Autor: E.H. Reinhard, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: The First Shot: Book One in The Lieutenant Kane Dedicated to Death SeriesFor Tampa homicide lieutenant Carl Kane, death is his life. If a single award existed for sinking himself into his work, he’d have two.But the latest crime scene he’s called to, an old abandoned factory, leaves him with more bodies than leads. Three drug dealers are found shot to death—not an uncommon sight in the least. The problem lies with the pair of middle-aged women—bound, gagged, and executed—found at the same location.Before he can sink his teeth into the initial investigation, Kane is called out to another multiple...

The Danger in Daring a Lady (The Naughty Girls Book 6) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 5.0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 268
Kundenrezensionen: 1
Seiten: 320
Autor: Emma Locke, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: A WAGER HE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSEDevil-may-care rogue Lord Darius Alexander can’t resist a wager. When a game of cards is suggested at the remote inn where he’s stopped for the night, he antes up his family’s savings, certain his Town bronze will give him the advantage. He never expects to lose his fortune to the irritatingly confident, uncommonly beautiful hoyden daring to play with the men. …Nor does he expect to lose his heart.A WOMAN HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO WINCaitlin Hart is known for her good sense. When a ridiculous reprobate tosses his savings onto the gaming table, she...

50 Masterpieces you have to read before you die

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 271
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Autor: Emily Brontë, Mark Twain, D. H. Lawrence, George Eliot, Marcel Proust, Leo Tolstoy, James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Herman Melville
Beschreibung: This book contains the following works arranged alphabetically by authors last names:- The Divine Comedy [Dante Alighieri]- Emma [Jane Austen]- Persuasion [Jane Austen]- Pride and Prejudice [Jane Austen]- Father Goriot [Honoré de Balzac]- The Tenant of Wildfell Hall [Anne Brontë]- Jane Eyre [Charlotte Brontë]- Wuthering Heights [Emily Brontë]- The Way of All Flesh [Samuel Butler]- Don Quixote [Miguel de Cervantes]- Heart of Darkness [Joseph Conrad]- Nostromo [Joseph Conrad]- Moll Flanders [Daniel Defoe]- Bleak House [Charles Dickens]- Great Expectations [Charles Dickens]- Crime and Punishment [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]- The Brothers Karamazov [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]- The Idiot [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]- The Hound of the Baskervilles [Arthur...

Another You (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 311
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 275
Autor: Jane Cable, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: Sometimes the hardest person to save is yourself…Marie Johnson is trapped by her job as a chef in a Dorset pub and by her increasingly poisonous marriage to its landlord.Worn down by his string of affairs she has no self-confidence, no self-respect and the only thing that keeps her going is watching her son, Jude, turn into a talented artist.But the 60th anniversary of a D-Day exercise triggers chance meetings which prove unlikely catalysts for change.First there’s Corbin, the American soldier who she runs into as she’s walking on the cliffs. He is charming and has a quaintness about him,...

The 9th Hour (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 1) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 4.5 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 319
Kundenrezensionen: 2
Seiten: 328
Autor: Claire Stibbe, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: New Mexico/Arizona 2016 Book Award FinalistEveryone has secrets. Some more deadly than others.When the ninth young girl falls into the clutches of a serial killer, maverick detective, David Temeke, faces a race against time to save her life.The Duke City Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico is no stranger to gruesome murders, but this new serial killer on their block keeps the body parts of his eight young victims as trophies and has a worrying obsession with the number 9. The suspect is incarcerated in the state's high security penitentiary but Unit Commander Hackett is faced with a dilemma when...

Ride Baby Ride (Thompson & Sons Book 1) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 375
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 191
Autor: Vivian Arend, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: Grabbing the ebook? Pick up the audio book for just $1.99! From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author VIVIAN AREND the first book in the bestselling THOMPSON & SONS series.-------He wants all her tomorrowsSmall town mechanic Gage Jenick's been waiting for this moment ever since his best friend's little sister transformed from annoying tagalong to desirable woman. When sweet Katy Thompson kicks her boyfriend to the curb, Gage makes his move. In spite of an assignment that will take him completely off the grid for five long months, he steals her away for one night of steamy passion...

Snow-Kissed Love Books 1-3 (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 399
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 647
Autor: Violet Vaughn, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: This box set contains the first three books in the Snow-Kissed Love Series.Craving for Love - Determined to get over Jason and find a man that wants a family, Casey Cassidy moves to Breckenridge, Colorado. Landing a job skiing every day, Casey finds Blaine Johnson - a wish come true. A hunky surfer turned ski instructor, he checks off every requirement on her list. Except for the one she forgot to add. Blaine has a secret. A secret so big it keeps intimacy smoldering, when Casey needs fire. No matter how hard she tries, the embers won’t ignite. Can she...

Marrakesh The Omnibus: Books 1-2 (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 400
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 567
Autor: Graham Diamond
Beschreibung: For the first time ever, Marrakesh: The Omnibus collects two beloved historical fantasy novels from bestselling author Graham Diamond.‘Graham Diamond has written a novel that stands out and dares to be different.’ Rising ShadowMarrakesh: The Omnibus includes:MarrakeshAmid the colourful bazaars and dangerous alleyways of the legendary city of Marrakesh, the poet, Daniel, rescues the woman of his dreams. But she is not just his one true love…Siana is the daughter of the desert and descendant of the last of the fabled forty thieves of Ali Baba.Together, they set off to find the legendary treasure the Eye of Paradise, certain that...

Dare to Touch (Dare to Love Book 3) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 462
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 306
Autor: Carly Phillips, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: He doesn’t do anything half way … in bed or out.And when Dylan Rhodes, Travel Director for the Miami Thunder football team, decides to pursue Olivia Dare, he goes all in. When the Pro-Bowl takes them to the desert oasis of Arizona, Dylan is determined to make sure their time together isn’t all business. What happens while at the luxury resort is life altering but when Olivia admits her deepest secret, will Dylan be able to prove he’s a man with staying power? Or will Olivia be disappointed again, this time by the most important man in her life?*Same book...

No Flowers for the General (A Mike Faraday Mystery Book 3) (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 808
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 147
Autor: Basil Copper, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: “The atmosphere is always first rate” – Publishers Weekly Mike Faraday, a private eye, is hired to travel from his native Los Angeles to a small town named Mudville, population 6,000. It may call itself ‘The Friendliest Town in the World’, but Mike Faraday is about to find out for himself just how wrong that statement is.He’s been requested to investigate a missing persons case, but soon his investigation takes a sinister turn…Soon, a body appears.Then another, and another.This murderer has a penchant for ice-picks, and shows no sign of stopping. And it seems that a local General might be...

Christmas in New York (English Edition)

Bewertung: 0 Sterne von 5
Amazon Bestseller-Rang: 1075
Kundenrezensionen: 0
Seiten: 70
Autor: Holly Greene, Suchergebnisse
Beschreibung: A gorgeously escapist Christmas romance set in magical NYC from the bestselling author of the ESCAPE TO ITALY and ESCAPE TO THE ISLANDS series. Grab a mug of hot chocolate, sit back and escape to New York this Christmas....When Londoner Penny decides to visit her best friend Kate in New York for Christmas, the surprise appearance of a previous suitor sends her plans for a relaxing, carefree visit into complete disarray. When she and Mike last saw each other, the timing couldn't have been worse. But when Mike decides to show Penny the very best of what a snowy, festive,...

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