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Free English e-books featured by englishbooks.xtme are noticed by readers and are downloaded in huge numbers. xtme with, phantastik.xtme, erotik.xtme and englishbooks.xtme is the biggest promotional network in German speaking countries for free and bargain e-books.

I daily receive a lot of notifications by authors who want their free books featured at englishbooks.xtme. Since I can only introduce a limited number of books daily and classification and research take a lot of time (especially with new authors), I have to charge a small fee for featuring added books in the daily article and the newsletter.

My services: for a fee of 7, – € (circa 9,- USD) I will look at your book, read the reviews and your blurb, your authors page and will regard your other books. If I personally regard the book as good and worth reading I will feature it. If I don’t regard the book as worth reading the fee paid does not entitle the author to claim a feature at englishbooks.xtme. I will send you a short mail, which will give reasons for my decision. If and when I decide against featuring the book, the author has no right to reclaim the research fee of 7, – €

Sponsored features for free eBooks: I will gladly present your e-book with an advertisement in my daily article. For a fee of 15, – € (circa 19,- USD) (without colored highlighting) or 29, – € (circa 29,- USD) (with colored highlighting) there will be a feature as usual with an annotation: „Sponsored by author/publisher“.

Further inquiry to Susanne Weigand, sw(at)

Submitting a free e-book

This service charge for book research or a sponsored feature is for EBooks that have obviously an adult content please submit at xtme:adult. Payment (via PayPal) to Johannes Zum Winkel Kreativberatung, Otto Kraus Strauße 10, 90411 Nünberg, Germany. Further inquiry to sw(at)
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    Please check the date exactly. Your notification should reach us at least four days (4 days) before the free book campaign to allow for planning, handling and inquiries.
    Highlighted: with a colored background on the feature. "*)" = „Sponsored by author/publisher“. Without highlighting: feature as usual in the daily article. "*)" = "Sponsored by author/publisher". --- Service charge: I will look at your book and decide if I will feature it. In case of an affirmative decision your book will be featured like any other free e-book in my daily article.
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